We build successful products that scale, in record time

Our clients range from startups to corporates to governments, we help them design and launch digital products that solve their business problems and we do that in record time (weeks not months). We are able to pull this off thanks to our deep expertise in Web, mobile and data technologies and our unique understanding of agile ways of work.
Member of Startup Studio M33.
Methodology driven by value
Helping clients create value through digital products is at the heart of our work. Our methodology is based on a pragmatic value-driven approach whose purpose is to release the best products in record time.
Tech Challenge & Starter Workshop
During a kick-off, we build a mini feature to anticipate the technical issue.Then we sit down together at a Starter workshop to evaluate each identified feature (described as a user story). The business objective is also clarified and we prioritise with you which features will get us there.
Planning & Prioritization
Each week the mixed team define a sprint goal. We organize the steps for a quick and successful delivery with visibility to sclarify the detail of each feature and estimate the complexity of the work. We help you choose the killer features with business impact.
Developement & Release
Our development is fully agile and we work in one week sprint. A successful sprint is one where every features identified in the sprint backlog is done.Once we have built the minimum set of features, we start an automatic deployment mode (DevOps) and release as each new feature is built.
Follow progress & Improvement
We follow our work against burn-down charts and a daily mail is sent to report our work progress. This means no tunnel vision. The end of each sprint is an opportunity to celebrate successes and analyse the issues we encountered in order to increasing velocity week on week to deliver to you value, in record time.
Our clients recommend us

Since the start of NimbleWays, we have been obsessed with client satisfaction. We do not aim at delivering a project, we aim at leaving our customers with amazing products, and incredible development teams capable of building on what we did.

Nimbleways allowed us to launch the newly redesigned 5th avenue website improving the way it looks to serve our visitors better. They ran the project fully in remote thanks to a fluid collaboration (several collaboration tools) and deep agility to accommodate changing needs. Whatever the context, they reacted quickly with a transparent communication and visibility of progress.
Jerome Barth
Jerome Barth
President of 5th avenue's board
Nimbleways team allowed me to deliver a complete demonstrable MVP (or prototype) by our sales team to our prospects, in 6 weeks. Their React knowledge and their quick understanding of our APIs allowed them to have an impact from the first weeks.
Bertrand Tillay-Doledec
Bertrand Tillay-Doledec
Head or Product
I worked for several months with a Nimbleways team. Their commitment and their mastery of the technical stack (React, Spring Boot) allowed us, to launch a great product in 12 weeks, starting from scratch."
Adnane Boushaba
Adnane Boushaba
Head of Delivery at Digital Factory

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