Our Story
Nimbleways was founded in 2017 in Morocco as a result of the emergence of digital technologies in the African continent. Today, we are an agency specialising in the design and implementation of digital solutions that allow companies to gain market shares and reduce their operating costs through cutting edge technologies in Web, mobile and data engineering. Our clients range from startups to corporates to governments and our mission is to turn their ideas into software in record time.
Data Science
In summer 2019, we joined the Theodo Group. Who is Theodo Group? A startup studio that brings together 8 companies, all working to create digital solutions (B2B & B2C tech products) for our clients. This has allowed us to bring new expertise and knowledge to our clients and also opened up new opportunities for the nimblers.
Since our birth in 2017...
Digital & data projects built by our team
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Countries in which we conducted projects
What we do
Changing the world through technology coupled with remarkable timeless delivery

We help our clients improve their market share or productivity through digital and data technologies.

Our experts work closely with our clients' collaborators in a mixed team using methodologies drawn from the startup world. This creates a startup-like environment that fosters innovation and speed.

Besides our technical expertise and after +50 products developed in a wide range of industries (banking, insurance, telco, health, mining), our mission today is to create tangible impact for organizations through technology.

We brought lean into our day-to-day work and this has allowed us, as well as our clients, to reach a new level of control on our work and our performance.

We integrated Theodo Group, a group of 8 startups, sharing the same culture and practices but each specialized in a different area: Theodo in Web, BAM in mobile, Sicara in data, Sipios in fintech, Padok in DevOps.

Our values
We have standards of how we do things. Those methods are not set in stone, we thrive everyday to make them better. But in our daily work, we rely on the methods and standards that other nimblers have established as being the optimal way to perform a specific action.
We find simple solutions to the most complex issues to optimize the impact and business value in minimum time.
Team spirit
We have a common goal. We challenge ourselves and our colleagues (other nimblers) in daily basis to learn from each other.
Eagerness to progress
We are able to go outside of our comfort zones, ask for feedback, and go beyond ourselves to become better every day.
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