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Since the start, we embraced open-source fast-paced technologies, namely: React, React Native, Spring Boot, Node. After developing more than 50 products, we transformed lives of thousands of users.

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Strong frameworks to gain velocity
Based on popular robust frameworks, our developers build complex interfaces using reusable components to allow for quick iterations and speedy development
Javascript / Typescript
React is an increasingly popular front-end Javascript framework developed and used by Facebook. Our developers build complex interfaces with React using reusable components to allow for quick iterations and speedy development. React tends to make very easy to refactor and iterate on.
Javascript / Typescript
Node JS is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment that executes JavaScript code outside of a browser.Our developers like Node JS because it ensures highly performant real time web applications with high connectivity
Spring Boot
Spring Boot
Spring Boot is an open source Java-based framework used to create a micro Service. It is an architecture that allows the developers to develop and deploy services independently.Ours developers likes Spring Boot because everything is auto configured and the management of dependencies is facilitated.
React Native
React Native
Javascript / Typescript
React Native is a framework developed by Facebook to accelerate their mobile app development allowing to share code between platforms. Our developers like React Native because it looks and feels like a native app, they can work on a single codebase and it is easy to add features.
Javascript / Typescript
Gatsby is a static site generator (SSG) based on React, GraphQL powered . It uses powerful preconfiguration to build a website that uses only static files for incredibly fast page loads. Gatsby has excellent documentation and a number of starters to help you quickly create a site.
GraphQL is a query language for the API, and a server-side runtime for executing queries. Our developers likes GraphQL because the data records have a hierarchical structure. There is a strong typing each layer of a GraphQL query corresponds to a specific type.
Case Study
Design and implementation of an insurance subscription and retention Web platform

A multinational insurance company present in 39 countries in Asia and Africa with more than 3,000 employees (excluding points of sale) & more than 1 billion USD turnover.

- The tool used was obsolete resulting in massive waste of time for the sales reps (100% manual data entry) and poor choice of product for customers

- Difficult for marketing and sales to define a customer knowledge and retention plan

- High attrition rate (+20%) due to increased competition


Design and implement an innovative subscription tool with an impeccable user experience :

- Subscription in less than 10 min (vs. 45-50 min before)

- Minimization of manual entries

- Personalization of products by customer

Implement a simple but wholistic customer retention tool for insurance agents. The tool is focused on results (reduction of the attrition rate for each agent’s portfolio).


Fully agile methodology project with mixed team : Nimbleways & company’s marketing & tech team. We ran the project in one-week sprints.

Web platform for subscription to auto insurance policies

- Subscription compressed in 10 min with prioritization of information

- Automation of several input fields by automatic reading of driving licence, registration card

- Smart presentation of product offers according to customer’s profile (product matrix)

Customer retention Web platform

- Full visibility on customers at risk of leaving and several retention levers available at click in the platform (texts, whatsapp, gifts, loyalty points)

- Prototype (high fidelity screens) produced in 2 weeks

Improved business and marketing performance

Increased revenues per customer (thanks to smart choice of products)

- Attrition reduced by 3-4 points in first year

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