Building successful products require thorough methodology and agile culture

Our methodology is based on a pragmatic value-driven approach whose purpose is to release the best products in record time. Velocity is key, it drives our ability to transform an idea into a feature made available to users, in a record time. This means shipping code as early and regularly as possible.This is critical for getting to market quickly, where you will be able to learn and improve based on how your customers use your product. We are able to pull this off thanks to our deep expertise, automated production deployment, maximum agility to accommodate changing needs and teamwork with the client.

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Project Team
For this team to succeed, it must be fully dedicated to the project.
Product Owner
He can also be the MVP sponsor. He is the one who defines the features and prioritizes them finely in order to allow the team to create the maximum value immediately.
UX Designer
He helps the team create the product that best meets the needs of users through ergonomic and intuitive interfaces. He is in charge of improving the user experience
Agile Coach
He works closely with the development team and client as a servant leader, facilitating cooperation. He is there to adapt the methodology to the context of the project, help the clients to implement their product vision and challenge them to produce value and solve the problem at hand. Not least, he coaches the team to achieve maximum velocity that enables them to deliver amazing products in record time
Within a technical customer facing team (2 to 5 developers), he is in charge of the project' success. He advises the client providing insight on technical solutions to their problems and quickly transforms his ideas into features with maximum maintainability.
Methodology matters
Our work values are based on Scrum principles
No hiding behind technical language, no surprise delays at the end of projects, no ambiguous expectation setting. Everyone on the same page, working towards the same goal.
Checking in each day to inspect progress towards the sprint’s goal and identify any problems to resolve. At Nimbleways we use physical and digital project boards to give everyone - in the office or away - visibility on progress.
Based on this reflection, we tweak and refine the way we're working. We react quickly in order to maximise the impact of improvements. Projects change. We’re ready
Our framework is inspired by agile, lean, scrum and devops thinking.
Tech Challenge & Starter Workshop

The project kicks off with a technical challenge, where a senior developer builds a mini feature. This allows us to anticipate any technical issues before the development. Then we sit down together at a Starter workshop to evaluate each identified feature (described as a user story). Nimbleways team

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Planning & Prioritization

With a product backlog in hand, we can now plan how to approach the work. Each week, the project team defines a sprint goal and selects the most important user stories and prioritizes them in the sprint backlog. We spend approximately two hours clarifying the detail of each feature with you and then

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Developed & Release

We work in one week sprints, focusing first on the features you have prioritized. Once we’ve built the minimum set of features (called MVP), we can go into automatic deployment mode and release as each new feature is built. The MVP is above all a way to validate or invalidate a critical hypothesis w

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Follow progress & Improvement

We monitor our progress against burn-down charts which map time against the amount of work we anticipated completing. We’ll also send a concise daily email with an update on the work done that day and the previous work goal. This means that everyone is on the same page, working towards the same goal

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